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Balancing work & life is hard, and 600 people a day are leaving employment to care for a loved one.

You can offer support to the working families in your business, by giving them access to a range of backup care solutions, expert advice, and the ability to financially support them as and when they need it.

Book a demo today and see how Work&Life Partners can offer you an inclusive benefit for the whole workforce with solutions across a range of categories, from child and elder care to pet care, and much more.

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Informal Care & Support

Our platform is the only one that allows you to support informal care solutions.

We know that many of your workforce will prefer to rely on their own network of family and friends to help out when they need backup care, but too many ‘favours’ can begin to feel awkward.

Our platform enables your employees to use their budget to thank the people who were there for them when they needed it, so that they could be in work, be present and be productive!

Company & Culture

Be the company that everyone wants to work for, by creating a culture that allows your employees to successfully balance their work & life, by supporting them when family challenges arise and offering them a solution to manage them. In turn this will lead to higher levels of engagement, lower absenteeism, reduced presenteeism and increase in their overall wellbeing.

There are 32million employees in the UK workforce, and 20.9million are working parents, carers & informal carers, so ensuring they have the ability to balance work&life successfully, and be present and focused at work is vital to our economy.

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of employees rank family responsibility as the top reason for absence. Showing your team that you value their work&life balance can lead to higher productivity, as well as loyalty and employee retention.