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It’s our mission to provide HR & D&I with a flexible and revolutionary solution that will truly support employees, from hire to retire. Balancing work&life together should be accessible to everyone, regardless of what family & career looks like to each individual.

Our platform



Whether you’re a smaller business or a larger organisation, you can take care of your employees when it matters most.



Alleviate pressure from HR professionals to meet increasingly important standards.



Empower your employees to take control of their care needs while revolutionising your company’s culture.

Everything HR Professionals need, all in one place

Increasing diversity by creating equal opportunities for people and remaining inclusive of everybody, irrespective of who they are and their personal responsibilities

Drive a rise in female leadership by retaining talent and providing the support needed for career growth and life transitions

Productivity will improve as a result of your employees remaining focused and empowered at work

Supporting employees across the entire team throughout their professional journey

Tackle absenteeism with ease by providing care solutions when employees need them most

Become a leader in company culture and enhance the hiring process by boasting a genuine work&life balance from hire to retire

Family life looks different to each and every employee. By recognising this and providing equal and unbiased support, you will see a huge difference in overall morale, productivity and well-being. Our platform signposts to care, giving us the ability to be agile and responsive. We’re ever-evolving and constantly improving the platform, ensuring the options and advice we provide are up-to-date and relevant for your employees

Our people

Our team are passionate and driven people who are motivated by previous real-world experiences of struggling with Work&Life balance. This is a platform for working people created by working people. Bringing care & career together is our mission, ensuring that we are on hand to help whenever and wherever we can, with honesty and integrity at the forefront of everything we do.

Our professional partners

Our panel of expert partners are on hand and ready when we need them, providing the very best levels of service, care and advice. The partners are made up of caring professionals who are leaders within their fields and specialise in the industries we signpost care for, allowing you to have access to real and genuine support.

Careers with us

Our mission is to help people join work&life together for happy, engaged people. We look for people who can connect to our mission and deliver exceptional customer care and bring their uniqueness and skills to the team, to help the business grow.

We help employers by providing a world-class platform enabling their employees with care search functionality, curated content, expert panel, and the ability to expense care, keeping it simple, affordable and meeting the needs of a diverse and growing workforce.

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