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Family means something different to every single one of us. Our platform is completely customisable and inclusive for a multigenerational workforce, meaning we’ll integrate effortlessly into your team’s lives.

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By supporting and having an unbiased approach, to your employees family structure, means caring for their ‘whole’ family and who is important to them.

What can we bring to your team?


An intuitive HR dashboard providing insightful data to enable you to understand the value to your employees with the ability to demonstrate ROI by tracking how usage supports attendance, productivity, performance and engagement.


You set the budget and which services you choose to support, which are then reimbursed through the platform.

Help and advice

All employees have access to our helplines. Where specialist support is required, we have partnered with experts in their field to provide the support that's needed.


Our platform helps you provide a fair and flexible benefit to your workforce by connecting them to a large suite of services from all over the country.

Search in one place

Our platform brings everything in one place, meaning your employees can easily search for permanent and flexible care solutions.

People insights

An intuitive HR dashboard that provides insightful data, allowing you to understand the value of the platform to your employees and track how usage supports attendance, productivity and performance.

Now’s the time…

Changing trends means organisations have to adapt to meet the growing demands of a diverse workforce by offering benefits that help them succeed personally, professionally and financially.

Our solution helps combine all three by giving people complete flexibility & autonomy on the type of care they use, whether that be formal or informal care, using our care search function, or their own trusted network of friends & family.

It’s about giving employees support all year round with their day-to-day caring responsibilities as and when they need it most, on a permanent or flexible basis.

Employers that support their employees financially should see it as a strategic investment, considering the cost of hiring combined with the cost of turnover.

Real help in real time

Watch absenteeism diminish within your organisation, build trust, and attract top talent! Our platform truly encapsulates and adapts to your team’s diverse and agile lives. Providing support to your employees is always at the forefront of everything we do.

*Prices are based on a minimum subscription of 100 employees. For larger employers, please contact us to discuss our packages. Introductory discounts are available for early subscribers.

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Why sign up now?

We’re not just here for a rainy day, but for day-to-day life, helping you join work and life together.

Curated content

Your personalised homepage will display content relevant to your family, whether you’re thinking of buying a dog, looking for a tutor, need advice on teen conversations, our content is user friendly and written by experts.

Quite simply our content is written for our users, meaning we won’t just overload the site with never touched pieces; everything is rated and requested by you.

Why sign up now?

We’re not just here for a rainy day, but for day-to-day life, helping you join work and life together.

Our Expert Panel – growing & evolving with your family

Working across a broad spectrum of care needs means it’s not possible to employ experts in every field of care, that’s why we work with a number of highly reputable professionals to ensure we provide you with the right advice when its needed. As we grow our panel will too, ensuring we have the right people to support you and your changing family needs.

Why sign up now?

We’re not just here for a rainy day, but for day-to-day life, helping you join work and life together.

Search Care - how, when & wherever you need it

From permanent solution to flexicare, our search function allows you to find the care that best matches your needs, anywhere in the UK. From tutors & cat sitters to arranging permanent nursery care.

Why sign up now?

We’re not just here for a rainy day, but for day-to-day life, helping you join work and life together.

Expense Care

If your employer has added a budget, they have agreed to financially support you with your care. Meaning you’ll have the ability to expense all or partial care, helping your further combine work andlife successfully.

Within your platform you can see your budget and access your companies expense policy.

If you already use a care provider that’s not on our platform you’ll still be able to expense care. We will also capture data to ensure your service provider is added to your favourites for next time, making it simple and easy for next time.

Our aim is to grow with you. Delivering care solutions for your entire family, how, when and where you need them.

Supporting your working families

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